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Join us in acclaiming the miracle of your child’s birth by purchasing a Precious Footprint. The commemorative plaques, which are unveiled each year in a ceremony in March, not only serve to celebrate the beginning of a life, but also help to ensure continues health throughout that life by supporting the purchase of much needed equipment and maintenance of essential facilities.

All proceeds go directly towards maintaining and updating the hospital’s maternity ward, to ensure that our newest community members are spending their first moments in the safest, healthiest, happiest environment possible.

Precious Footprints are also available for those babies who were born before our precious newborns, and you may notice that the wall hosts a variety of colours!

Footprints & Their Colours

  • South Peace as a home birth from pioneer times to present in BLACK.
  • Pouce Coupe Red Cross Hospital from 1921-1948 in PURPLE.
  • Pouce Couple Community Hospital from 1954-1979 in GREEN.
  • Saint Joseph General Hospital from 1932-1973 in BROWN.
  • Dawson Creek & District Hospital from October 31st 1973 onward in BLUE.
  • South Peace Babies born away in YELLOW.

Footprints for our commemorative wall are $125.00, but with that you may also purchase an additional keepsake footprint for $25.00.

If you are interested in a footprint for your child, please contact us!
Forms are available in the office as well as by the footprint hall, in the entry area of the Dawson Creek & District Hospital.

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