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Helping via Volunteering

The Dawson Creek and District Hospital Foundation is working on providing a variety of events throughout the year for the purpose of spreading information about the Foundation and to help in fundraising efforts for its cause.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help facilitate any of these events, please contact our office and speak to us about what we currently have need of help with. This Foundation was built to benefit our community, and we understand that time is often as important as money when it comes to donations. We appreciate any and all help that we receive.

Helping via Donations

There are many different ways to go about helping the Dawson Creek & District Hospital Foundation. One of the primary ways to helps us is by making a financial donation, be it large or small. We also have several ongoing programs in places to help people support our Foundation (under Campaigns, see Cancer Leaf, In Memoriam, or Cradle Call for more information on our ongoing, year round programs).

If you are interested in becoming a supporter of the Foundation, we accept donations by the following methods:

Donate by Credit Card

We accept credit card donations over the phone – just call during office hours and somebody will be happy to help you (if nobody is available, please leave a message for us to call you back).

Donate in Person

Please feel free to come visit us in our office in the Dawson Creek & District Hospital (located at 11100 – 13th Street). At the office, we can accept donations by cash, cheque, or credit card.

Donate by Mail

Please feel free to send us a cheque via the post to our office. Cheques should be made out to the Dawson Creek and District Hospital Foundation. Be sure to include a valid return address for a receipt.

Donate Online

We are now on PayPal, offering a secure online resource to donations. You can use the form below to submit a secure online donation, as well as various areas throughout our website.

We are able to provide charitable receipts for tax purposes on donations.
Please be sure to provide an accurate mailing address for this purpose.

The Dawson Creek and District Hospital Foundation addresses to the strict guidelines of confidentiality as it pertains to any personal and financial information that is shared with us.

If you are unable to donate financially, please be aware that we are often looking for volunteers or items for our various events. When in doubt, call us and speak to one of us about the work that we do, and what we need help with at any given time.


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