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We at the Foundation rely on tireless support from individuals, community leaders, organizations, and business who donate, time, energy, and resources. Without these contributions the Foundation would not be able to do the work that is so necessary here in our community, and we appreciate all the help that we are given.

We would like to highlight those people as a gesture of sincere gratitude from the Board of Directors and Staff of the Dawson Creek & District Hospital Foundation.

We are so blown away by the support that has come from 100 WWC Dawson Creek. These ladies do amazing things within our community and we are grateful that we have been chosen to receive their donation.

These funds will be used to purchase three Vital Signs Monitors for Rotary Manor.

100 Women Who Care
We are proud to announce Dawson Creek purchased over 8700 Smile Cookies last week (2018). Thank you Tim Hortons !

It was a fun week filled with many smiles (and cookies). We appreciate everyone who went out and purchased a cookie to help support the Dawson Creek & District Hospital Foundation.

Tim Hortons

The Donor Wall

The Donor Wall provides a long-term, permanent, cumulative recognition for contributors to the Foundation. It is a beautiful and fitting testament to those who aid in the advancement of health care in Dawson Creek. All recognition is cumulative over the lifetime of a donor and is organized into five specific categories (to see our donors listed, please peruse the various pages available under “Donors”)

Our Donor Wall is location near the main entrance on the Dawson Creek & District Hospital and is a beautiful display of generosity and support.

Strata Donors

$500,000 + in donations

Donors in this highest echelon are showcased for their “above and beyond” philanthropy.

Aurora Donors

$100,000 + in donations

Like the Northern Lights, these donors are admired for the unique and valued contribution to light up our existence.

Cascade Donors

$50,000 + in donations

Whether water falling or mountains in the distance, these donors bring to mind the abundance of our northern region.

Cascade Donors

$10,000 + in donations

These donors are as steadfast as the boreal forests that make up our regional ecology.

Cascade Donors

$1,000 + in donations

Our way of recognizing the many donors that are vital in conveying nourishment to those who need care.

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Are you interested in becoming a Financial Donor / Supportor of the Dawson Creek & District Hospital Foundation? We do offer an option to process secure donations online.

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